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Hi! Any form of cardiovascular exercise will help burn off the fat from your tummy like walking, swimming, cycling, aerobics. Do not bother with crunches. You can do some planks to tighten the underlying muscles. ... more


Hi! Good posture is the key to avoiding joint and muscle issues. However injuries or medical conditions causing skeletal or muscular problems may need more than mere posture correction. ... more


Hi! Zumba is a form of dance style cardiovascular exercise. It takes its base from Latin dances like cha cha cha, merengue, salsa; etc. It helps to burn fat. ... more


Hi! Pilates is an exercise focussing on strengthening the abdominals and back. It is an excellent idea to add some pilates exercises to your workout routine. ... more


Hi! Insanity is a short duration, very high intensity workout. It includes fast explosive movements. This form of exercise helps burn fat and shape up the body amazingly; and its a rage currently! ... more


Hi! It's a good enough video to get you started. However i would recommend attending a class where an instructor conducts and supervises you. Form and technique of moving are very important to ensure you are working out safely without risk of injury; ... more


Hi! Pretty much the same exercises work for both men and women for muscle building like squats, push ups, bicep curls, etc. However some women prefer workouts that include more graceful movement like power yoga or attending a body toning /strenghth t ... more


Hi! The uneveness of the accupressure track might please your feet but it wont give you an effective cadiovascular workout. You are better off goung for a 30 minute brisk walk in your walking shoes on smooth, even surface and massaging your feet afte ... more


Hi! As long as the work out is regular and has a good balance of cardio and strengthe training, any exercise you choose will make you more active and energised. ... more


Hi! You need to do 30 minutes of cardio 6 days a week. The time taken on resistance training depends on the workout you are doing, but should be done on alternate days. ... more