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Hi! Different forms of exercise help different people, but it is either an intense cardio ( running, cycling, cardio class, kick boxing etc) or weight training workout; OR yoga and meditation. Give both a shot and see what suits you better! ... more


Hi! Drinking a large amount of alcohol once in a while is binge drinking as opposed to say having a small drink regularly. ... more


Hi! You still have many years to grow. Keep active with sports and exercise and eat good nutritious foods. Your height pretty much depends on your genes and you will most likely be somewhat the same height as your parents. There's not much one can do ... more


Hi! Yes absolutely! Oil is a form of fat and its intake should be minimal. ... more


Hi! No you need to exercise! ... more


Hi! Walk, cycle, swim, or do a cardio class 5-6 days a week for atleast 30 minutes at a brisk, non stop pace. Cut down your fat intake. Have 5-6 small meals in the day instead of 2-3 heavy ones. Eat a light dinner 3 hrs before bedtime. Try to stay as ... more


Hi! You can exercise any time of the day as long as it is not right after a meal and not close to bedtime since it interferes with a good nights sleep. ... more


Hi! Your height depends on your genes you inherit from your parents. If both are on the shorter side, you might not grow much taller than them. Since you are only 17 you still have a couple of years during which you will grow taller. Exercise will im ... more


Hi! To strengthen your back you need to do these exercises. You can get their description from any fitness website.
1- plank
2- reverse plank
3- side plank
4- back hyperextensions
5- prone leg raises
Stretch out the abdominals, back and obliques afte ... more


Hi! They need to start exercising, with something quite simple as a half an hour brisk walk. Food intake plays a large role. They should eat healthy, low fat foods and most importantly a light dinner, eaten 3 hrs before bedtime. ... more