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I have no idea because I never had to work with any lady officers who were senior to me but there we...more
Answered by
Francisco, 14 Sep 09:20 pm
Nice means having pleasing and agreeable nature. Who will refuse to associate with nice people? Bu...more
Answered by
LIPSIKA, 14 Sep 08:49 pm
Answered by
Anil K Chugh, 14 Sep 08:01 am
Just as good investments get high returns, those who are 'nek' get 'anek' friends. Good persons are ...more
Answered by
Francisco, 14 Sep 08:26 pm
Answered by
Anil K Chugh, 29 Aug 05:13 pm
Very happy with the love and affection received. They get back double of what they give....more
Answered by
Francisco, 14 Sep 08:23 pm
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Similar is the case in most of the countries of the world perhaps may be with exception to China and North Korea. In many countries, first time buyer...more
Answered by Francisco
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