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Whether NS is right or wrong, his writings created a huge sensation. Unless and until contradicted ...more
Answered by
LIPSIKA, 01 Aug 11:25 pm
May be for a fun's sake, or to temporarily escape from a given situation lying will take birth. But...more
Answered by
LIPSIKA, 01 Aug 11:12 pm
Most magmas (melted rock) are in a range of temperature between SEVEN HUNDRED C-ONE THOUSAND THREEHU...more
Answered by
LIPSIKA, 01 Aug 10:56 pm
Lashing out at Defence Minister A K Antony, CPM veteran V S Achuthanandan on Wednesday termed him a ...more
Answered by
sudhakar kuruv.., 01 Aug 10:06 pm
In the United States, a Social Security number is a nine-digit number issued to U.S. citizens, perm...more
Answered by
LIPSIKA, 01 Aug 10:30 pm
JavaScript (JS) is a dynamic computer programming language designed byBrendan Eich and developed Ne...more
Answered by
LIPSIKA, 01 Aug 10:29 pm
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no i dnt like to be taken for granted .......i believe in mutual respect and space being the part of any relationship.....and yes when you have no pla...more
Answered by Bhuvana
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