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Rizq (Provision)is predestined by Allah with its means just like death is preordained and tied to it...more
Answered by
LIPSIKA, 01:49 pm
Allah, the almighty always comes to our rescue, spraying on us His blessing and directing us back to...more
Answered by
LIPSIKA, 01:47 pm
There exists a debate both within and outside Islam on the link between faith and reason in religion...more
Answered by
LIPSIKA, 01:31 pm
Think of what you can do for others instead of expecting others to do in your favour. While doing ...more
Answered by
LIPSIKA, 11:48 am
Let there be lot of fun but we should be serious, serious in the sense that we do not try to mock at...more
Answered by
Francisco, 11:34 am
Human nature is such that our desires never cease. Those who are poor want to be rich, those who a...more
Answered by
Francisco, 11:40 am
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Similar is the case in most of the countries of the world perhaps may be with exception to China and North Korea. In many countries, first time buyer...more
Answered by Francisco
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