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It sounds wrong because it gives an impression of indulging in 'vyakti puja' (worship of individual...more
Answered by
Francisco, 05:34 am
Stitching. I also believe that 'a stitch in time, saves nine'....more
Answered by
Francisco, 12:57 am
Tell your friend: Smile and the world smiles with you - cry and you cry alone. Change the mood of...more
Answered by
Francisco, 24 Apr 09:17 pm
I do not think so....more
Answered by
Francisco, 24 Apr 09:23 pm
There are so many billionaires who are not even graduates....more
Answered by
Francisco, 24 Apr 09:32 pm
Even in this digital age, people admire those who have good hand writing....more
Answered by
Francisco, 24 Apr 10:06 pm
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Honey, I feel that way alot & its just the mood your in. Tomorrow you will feel much better I guarntee you, Im sure you are a truly amazing girI, ...more
Answered by Mickey
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